Welcome New Herd Members

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~ coffee & reading buddies! ~

Four Point Healing is excited to introduce some new Herd Members!!


These are part of the Marvelous "Silver Tip" herd belonging to Maureen Regnier and Sara Gilbert that will be coming to the Ranch to do programs and Workshops.

The programs will be a naturalistic form of Holistic Experiential Learning.  Horses, when working as partners with children, require children to be engaged physically and mentally.  Horses are compassionate teachers of life skills by bringing Mindfulness and Awareness to the 5 senses; sight, touch, hearing, smell and taste.

Life Skills that Horses will teach children, teens and adults of all ages include:

     * Boundaries

     * Communication

     * Confidence

     * Courage

     * Critical Thinking

     * Responsibility

     * Respect, Truth & Honesty

     * Self-esteem

In this nature deficit society it is more important than ever that children need to be in touch with Mother Earth and her natural rhythms.  These programs introduce children to the excitement of nature and horses where it is not as important to "know" as it is to "feel".


"Tell me and I'll forget

Show me and I and I may remember

Involve me and I learn"

~Benjamin Franklin~



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