~ Amazing Workshop ~

"Thanks again for the amazing two days at your beautiful ranch.  It was truly one of the best experiences of my life.  Your expertise, hospitality, food, decor, and of course, your lovely energies and personalities combined to make it an absolutely superb weekend.  And then of course, there were the horses!!!!  What a gift to be able to experience these wonderful animals in a way I had never had the chance to before.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!" ~ Bev M.


 ~ Recommended by my Family Physician ~

"Due to medical issues and my passion for horses my family physician suggested that I try the Equine Facilitated Workshop as a therapeutic resource.  The moments that I shared with the horses and the outstanding coaching team retrieved my happiness, hope and spirit that I felt had been lost forever.  The horses renewed my vision of the future and redeemed my spirit with gifts of courage, truth, love, joy, peace, hope and coping tools.  I will be forever grateful to the facilitators for sharing their beautiful ranch and for their absolute kindness, care, support and astounding hospitality.  My journey with horse was the most enjoyable and meaningful time of my life.  Thank you Four Point Healing for an amazing and important personal life experience!" ~ Shelly T.


~ Beginning of our individual healing journeys ~

"Thank you so much Maggie, Jerry & Clare for a very special morning, with their guidance, and of course, that of the horses, we all came away with valuable insights and a sense of connection with ourselves, Horse, Spirit and the Earth that is just the beginning of our individual journeys of healing.  Special thanks for accommodating my disability to allow me to still participate in this experience." ~ J.P.


 ~ Safe, Supportive Place ~

"Thank you for providing a safe supportive place where I feel comfortable enough to be my authentic self to unfurl and to just be!  That is an incredible gift and I am immensely grateful for the opportunity "to become"!" ~ G.A. 


~ Not knowing what to expect ~

"I came here not knowing what to expect and left full of love, life, energy and joy.   Maggie, Jerry and the crew went above and beyond to make sure my experience was authentic and healing.  I would love to come back and take the next step in my Journey.....Whatever it may be!" ~ Christine Maydew


~ Re-kindled my Passion and Joy ~

"A great weekend!  Great experiences. Lots of wonderful insights.  Learned so much about myself - Horse is a wonderful teacher.  Thank you to all the staff at Four Point Healing for providing such a beautiful  and welcoming environment for growth and enlightenment.  Thanks for helping me to re-kindle my passion & joy that comes from sharing space with Horse!" ~ RuthAnn ~


~ Nonjudgemental Wisdom of Horse ~

"A safe place of delving into your own blocks and issues.  A wonderful experience combining the knowledge, understanding and compassion of people with the honest, non-judgemental wisdom of the horse." ~ L. Hornland ~


Insightful, Meaningful & Inspiring Feedback ~

" I didn't know what to expect and was curious as to how horses would be used.  It was incredible to be in the presence of the horse and feel the energy and have the immediate response to my internal energy shifts. It was beautiful to learn so much about myself in such a gentle non-judgemental way.  The environment is calming and peaceful.  The hosts warm & welcoming.  The feedback was insightful, meaningful and inspiring.  I have a much greater understanding of my own way of being "me" and how to express my true self to the world." ~ P. Roberto ~











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