Maggie Wilkins-Klammer

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Maggie Wilkins-Klammer ~ Maggie has a background in nursing and alternative healing modalities.  During the many years of taking guests into the mountain backcountry on Horseback Vacations she recognized the experiential natural feeling of wellness that occurred.  Stress related to the busyness of life diminished as the guests shifted into the healing energetic rhythms nature and horse offered.

Maggie's lifelong passion for horses, nature and healing was the beginning of her journey to create a Healing Sanctuary with Nature and Horses so she could share this remarkable energy with others.  Her research for programs that taught equine learning education lead her to Kathy Pike's Academy for Coaching with HorsesBerthoud, Colorado.  She graduated in 2014 as a Certified Equine Facilitated Learning Coach.

Maggie's program offers you clarity in a heart-felt experiential process in a serene, safe, natural therapeutic environment where horses interact and project information sent to them.  You will learn tools to change patterns of limiting beliefs, learn how to set boundaries, build healthier relationships, develop emotional agility and attain balance of ~Mind~Body~ Emotions~Spirit.  Powerful Healing Happens when Horse and Hearts Connect!


Clare Thorburn

Clare Thorburn ~ Clare has been inspired by the relationship between mind, body and spirit for the past 11 years.  This is an integral part of feeling healthy, connected and grounded.  The mind, body and spirit are linked to each other.  By changing one connection, you change the others.  Being with nature and horse will provide a perfect combination to balance, nurture and restore one's soul.

Clare has a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Alberta.  During her 35 years as an elementary educator, she shared her compassion, listening, organizational and communication skills effectively and professionally with students, parents, colleagues and community members.  She had the privilege of growing up in a family whose history with horses and nature spans over 100 years.  Her family taught her the importance of protecting and preserving Mother Earth.  A love and respect for nature is very dear to her heart.  She feels blessed to have the opportunity to share the gifts of nature with her children and grandchildren.  Clare nurtures and feeds her soul by spending time with family and friends, walking, yoga, reading, gardening, cooking, playing with grandchildren and travelling.  She continues to be a lifelong learner through reading, attending workshop, courses and on-line learning opportunities.  She is a certified Reflexologist from The Universal College of Reflexology, a Reconnective Healing Practitioner, Levels 1,2,& 3, from Dr. Eric Pearl and a Raindrop Therapy Practitioner from Oceans Massage. 

Clare's intention is to always bring respect, sacredness, passion and integrity to her holistic practices and workshops so that clients can discover the advantage of alternative healing and the benefits it provides.

Jerry Klammer

Jerry Klammer ~  Jerry is the Horse Handler for the sessions to ensure a safe environment while working with the horses.  He assists in teaching and demonstrating safety and boundary guidelines before the sessions. This ensures your safety to provide you and your Horse Partner the opportunity to experience a heart-felt and mindful connection. 

The horses are honored as an integral member of the team.  Each one has its own unique personality and position in the herd.  They will communicate a preference if they would like to be chosen for a session or if they would rather hold space.  Often the horses will step forward in the morning if they wish to be chosen.  The horses are rotated to ensure they have a balance between work, rest and time for "horse play" in the pasture with the rest of their herd.  At the end of the session the horses are turned out in their natural environment to have the freedom to move and graze.  This is important so they can maintain balance of their mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.


Of all creatures God made at the Creation, there is none more excellent, or so much to be respected as a Horse ~Bedouin ~

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