Equine Facilitated Learning

Equine Facilitated Learning


Four Point Equine Coaching & Experiential Learning Programs combine Nature & Horses to promote Mind~Body~Emotional~Spirit connection.  Nature makes us aware of how we feel and Horses teach us presence, authenticity, trust and belonging.

Horse's boundaries are soft and as sentient beings are very astute in their perception and reception of messages from the environment and from the human body.  This ability to nurture, be patient, give affection and reflect or mirror back human emotion or energy in a non judgemental manner makes Horse the perfect partner and teacher. 

Awareness through Horse Wisdom

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Programs & Sessions

What will Horse Awaken in You!

2024 Programs & Sessions

~ 2 hour session ~ Horses are spiritual animals that have the innate ability to connect us to the universal energy, rhythms and vibrations of Nature. Their unconditional heart-felt love will provide an introduction to consciousness and will open your heart to be mindful of yourself, your inner and outer environments, and your interactions with others, be it horse or human. This gentle, relaxing and reflective hands on grooming session will provide tools to connect with horse, while exploring and becoming aware of one's body sensations, feelings, thoughts and energy. Sharing this heart-space with horse provides the opportunity to increase self-awareness of how one's energetic body language is received when interacting with Horse and humans.

~ 3 hour session ~ Horses are sentient beings and masters in awareness of the rhythms and energies of nature. They rely on their abilities to feel, hear, see and use their "gut" sense to survey their environment for survival and when communicating within the herd. This session will expand your "felt-sense" to assist you in identifying and listening to your inner voice often referred to as "intuition" or "gut feeling". Move away from being an observer of life into remembering and feeling oneness with your self. This experience of being in Nature and in the presence of Horse will invoke and awaken a renewed sense of awareness and inner knowing within you.

~ 3 hour session ~ Horses are a reflective mirror for our thoughts, emotions and belief systems. New awareness to change old thought patterns, habits and beliefs will emerge once you become aware of blocked energy that may be holding you back or preventing forward movement towards your "True North". In this experiential session you will guide a horse using a halter and lead rope through a trail of awareness obstacle course. Each obstacle will present an opportunity of seeing how life is showing up for you and what area(s) may need attention. You will be presented with opportunities to discover new ways to see, think and feel in order to navigate your path with greater ease and grace. Discover how Horse as Partner responds to the non-verbal communication of focus and intention to teach you clarity and confidence in your journey through life.

~ 3 hour session ~ This session will take you to the next step of expanded consciousness through heightened awareness and communication using the gift of your gentle hands to work with horse. You will learn Maggie's Mountain Method of heart-felt energy connection through therapeutic touch to allow the co-mingling and movement of "healing energy flow" between human and horse. Connect with the "sixth sense" that horses feel when communicating with the herd. As you begin to feel this harmonious bond, your sensory skills awaken the subtle energies between your hands and the horse's body, allowing you to begin working as one connected consciousness. You will be "giving the gift" of healing energy to the horse, rather than "receiving" healing energy from the horse.


Workshops and Retreats


2 Day Workshop       Rediscover You.... 


2.5 Day Retreats       Re-Awaken You....                  Open Yourself to the Power of the  Universe....

Please check the Women's Retreats tab for specific details


5 Day Mindful Mountain Ride  ~ details in Jasper Park Pack Trips tab ~


Bring a Friend for a 1/2 Day at the Ranch for $337 ( savings of $50)  per person ~


We offer Personalized Individual, Group, Family and Team Building Sessions 


Looking for a serene place in Nature to Host an Event ~ we will provide the Venue, Lunch, Snacks and Refreshments~


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