Healing With Horse



Body - Mind - Emotions - Spirit

Horse & Human Wellness

Equine Facilitated Learning Coach – Equine Massage – Equine Energy Healing
Infrared Therapy - Reconnection Healing – Reflexology – Reiki

Maggie Wilkins-Klammer  BScN RN
Certified Practitioner

(780) 720 – 6795 (C)
(780) 365 – 3695 (H)


Powerful Healing emerges when Horse and Hearts Connect!

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Equine Facilitated Learning is an experiential activity with the focus on ground activities with horses. 

The Horse as a teacher looks deep into a person’s soul inviting one to join in an intimate heart connection. This equine relationship opens the door to a deeper connection with one’s self. 

Through the amazing insights revealed, personal transformation and balance of body, mind, emotions and spirit is attained.


Awaken your Spirit through the Wisdom of Horse!

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